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Nordic walking

Nordic Walking in the heart of the Kitzbüheler Alps

Kirchberg welcome Nordic walkers, and in the form of a fund raising event for young and old on the 17th of June 2006 the Vital Arena Kirchberg - the competence centre for all things to do with Nordic Walking - was launched. 13 running and Nordic walking routes bring fun into motion for young and old. Over 82kms of signed routes you can get to know the beauty of the surrounding area. The routes are split into three diffrend levels of difficults so that there is something for everyone who to keep moving.

Information on the Vital programm and the route network is available from the Kirchberg tourist office (Tel: +43 5357 2000). The route map is free of charge.

Nordic Fitness Park

Fitness Park in the mountains

Training in the mountains works wonders! Exercise and active leisure is high altitude in the middle 700-2500 meters at the most effective! For this reason, in the West Village is a high-walking path has been erected.

Lots of exercise in the fresh mountain air is invigorating and is also effective at high altitudes with low intensity and therefore particular care - factors that have a positive impact not only on the body, but on the whole well-being.

Nordic Fitness Park in Westendorf

First Round the village - 3.8 km
Start: West Village Information Office - follow signs to Neukumhof - slight increase to the junction trail gondola - past the cable car pool - back to the center

Second Alpine's top walking path - 7 km
Start: Mountain Talkaser station - follow signs to the Einködlscharte - continue to Kreuzjöchlsee - Brechhornhaus - back towards Talkaser - the Fleidingalm

Third Alpine Top Walking Path - 8.4 km
Start: Mountain Talkaser station - follow signs to Einködlscharte - Gampenkogel towards the summit (1.957m) - descend on the Streitschlagalm - Kreuzjöchlsee - Brechhornhaus - back to Talkaser - the Fleidingalm